Everest Fuji International
About Trade (貿易につきまして)
Everest Fuji International Co. has established in Tokyo in 2005. Operating a reliable, secure and professional distribution network in the country and, EFI Co. is a regional leader in the sales and distribution of consumer electronics and electrical goods, foodstuffs as well as general distribution services. EFI Co. is headquartered in Tokyo and has a well-knit network of offices, warehouses and sales outlets in Tokyo, Kathmandu, Pokhara, New Delhi, assuring total and comprehensive coverage of Japan and South Asia.

Identifying the right opportunities for growth, EFI Co. has been in the forefront of expanding its products and services to cater for a larger consumer base and in doing so, has been able to gain investor confidence from across the South and East Asian countries.

EFI Co. is perfectly prepared for the new open trading market in Japan, Nepal and India offering its expertise in trading products and services to a wider cross section of consumers. Investors have recognized the caliber of EFI Co. in upholding their interests and the merging dynamics of the marketplace present new opportunities for growth and prosperity not only for EFI Co., but for the investors and trading partners as well.

Fetching capital inflow from the number of investors and entrepreneurs in the region, EFI Co. is poised for major growth, thanks to the investment injection. Pursuing major expansion plans, EFI Co. is developing its distribution to new destinations and further diversified activities.

Powered by a team of professionals, EFI Co. has been able to leave an indelible imprint in its various activities and services gaining customer confidence and investor appreciation.