Everest Fuji International
Overseas Study, Work and Visa
EFI Co. is an organization, created for the purpose of consulting, assisting and fulfilling with the multi functional factors in the real assessment on the field of study and education, work and manpower, extra grace of international marriage arrangement.
Since EFI Co. started on the field of the consultant, has been served 126 overseas study and visa, 96 job and visa arrangement in Japan, 47 (Cuisine, IT, Research) to Japan, 17couple international marriage arrangement.
We are very recommended from our services and it is additive.
EFI Co. is always searched on finding the active and knowledgeable person through on the desire of overseas and advanced type of the employer. EFI Co. of course looks after all of the humor on the essential case. After found fact and capability, is agreed and start their desiring field on suitable employer. Our fields are worldwide like in IT and Computer, Agriculture and product, Restaurant and cook, Tourism and Travel Business, Environmental accesses, Study and education. Finally, “Your Success Our Product” is our Motto and Smile for You is our Slogan.
人材派遣業務につきましては、技能・技術・芸術のそれぞれのスキルに応じて IT分野(制作及び情報管理)への斡旋、手続き代行を行っております。
ウエディング業務につきましては、インターナショナルなお相手探しからビザ申請手続き代行更に、お相手が来日の際の日本文化・習慣のご理解のためのご指導までを行って居ります。社モット:*Your Success, Our Product*でSmile for You はスローガンで御座います。
Our Central Office in Tokyo Since 2005 (セントラル.オフィス東京)
Tokyo University (Study)
EFI Co. Office (Work/Visa)
EFI Co. Office (Trade)
Student Training Tour in Japan (学生研修旅行)
Student always are charming and active on their study. They study on their choice of the subject after completed the japans language course. Some of them are study the technical Degree Course and some of them advanced Degree.
The studying is absolutely based by training and practical. Finally, they reach the aim of the future what they want to be as our Motto: “Your Success Our Product”.
And of course building of bright future of them, always with Smile for You!!
EFI Academy and Japanese School
We heartily welcome you to study the Japanese Basic Course TEAM with us in Pokhara and consult you to study on your favorite school for Japanese, technical and advanced study in Japan.
EFI Academy is on planning a Child-care Centre in nearest future at Pokhara City. As on protecting the homeless children, we have being started a NGO since 1997 in Pokhara. It is named FOSEAEC
We will soon appear with web address till the end of the year.
FOSEAEC is non profitable NGO. It is only for time, goods, cash volunteering for the parentless, helpless and homeless children who are carrying the single country`s future