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About Our Pashmina Products and Supply!! (パシミナ(カシミヤ))
Pashmina is known as wool (Cashmere) but it grows on the underside of the Mountain Goats. Mountain Goats in Himalayan area known as Chyangra. Chyangra's are the inhabitant of the great Himalayan mountain range including Mt. Everest and Mt. Annapurna. Pashmina Shawls are also known as cashmere shawl. First time, this types of Shawls are manufactured in Kashmir and it speared all over the world. The Pashmina Shawls are very soft and worm. High quality Pashmina Shawls are made from the finest, softest and lightest high quality wool from the mountain Goats.
Pashmina shawls are fashion in high income society in South Asia. Pure Pashmina Shawls are expensive, very light, attractive, warm and beautiful. The quality and varieties of Pashmina products have been improving every year. The best Pashmina`s product in the market are Shawls, Scarves and sweaters. Handicraft shop provide you very high quality Pashmina product with in very reasonable price.
We export best and high quality Pashmina products. So our customer will get the product in right time with a great care.We sell three qualities of Pashmina products in worldwide market through direct (export) import from India/ Nepal to Tokyo and wholesaling, retailing and net-selling in Japan and world widely.
パシミナ製品はファッション的で暖かさ柔かさ軽さ体に優しさなどが特徴です。最近はパシミナのショール、スカーフ、セーター、上着、ジャンパー等を製造され、EFI Co.はそれぞれの貿易的に直入し日本又は一般的にホールセール、小売またはネット販売業を行って居ります。ちなみにパシミナやシルク混ぜのショール又はスカーフとシルク100%製造品シルクショール、シルクスカーフの販売もして居ります。
Pashmina-70% and Silk-30% - Shawl Pashmina 100% Scraf
N24, Price $51
N41, Price $107
N30 Price$68
N20, Price$52
Pashmina-70% Silk-30% Embroidery Shawl      Pashmina70% Silk30% Shawl  
N53, Price USD 129
N38, Price USD 98
Pashmina-70% Silk-30% Shawl Pashmina 100% Shawl
N63 Price $168
N78, Price $182
Cashmere 100% Shawl
N20, Price$41
N31, Price$57
N23, Price $38
Pashmina100% Sweaters
Gents, N62, Price $98
Gents N18, Price $41
Ladies N64, Price$108
Ladies N63, Price $109