Everest Fuji International
Trade Services (貿易業務内容について)
In a bid to professionalize its area of activities, EFI Co. had divided its major operations under the divisions of country or area:
活動エリアを専門家すべくEFI C.Oは国・地域を、分割の下、そこに担当 本社を配置致しました。

(A) South Asia (Centrally Nepal)  【南アジア(ネパール本社)】
(B) East Asia, Australia, Europe and Americas (Centrally Japan) 【東アジア・オーストラリア・ヨーロッパ・アメリカ(日本.本社)】
(A) South (南アジア)
- Consumer Electronics & Electrical Goods(電化消費材・一般電化製品
- Foodstuffs(食料品)
- Automotive (車 二輪・四輪)
- General Distribution (一般配送)
- Health Care (日常健康管理製品)
Consumer Electronics & Electrical Foods (電化消費材・一般電化製品)
Recognizing the needs of the consumers and offering them value-for-money products, the Consumer Electronics and Electrical Goods division is involved in a range of products including mobile phones, watches and clocks, televisions, Cameras, Video Cameras, Colors Printer 【all in one like telephone, fax, scan, copy, print】,Electric Dictionary, Portable Laminate, Plasma TV, Computers and Pocket Computer, Washlet Toilet, portable music devices, air-conditioning units, refrigerators, water coolers, electrical & combination coolers, air purifiers, irons, food mixers, juicers and other food processors.

Most importantly, EFI Co's Consumer electronics & Electrical Goods Division offers a good spread of products in all price ranges attracting customers from all walks of life.
EFI C.O家電消費材と一般電化製品事業部はどんな方にもご満足頂ける価格の商品を幅広く揃えて居ります。
Foodstuffs (食料品)
Foodstuffs division is another strong arm of EFI Co. and deals in a range of products including rice, cooking oil, tea, coffee, flour, canned goods, bottled water, and carbonized and non-carbonized drinks at South Asia.
Sources from different producers, EFI Co. ensures the products live up to the quality expectation customers have come to associate with the company. The product list is constantly reviewed and amended to meet the market trends and regional requirements.
食料品事業部はEFI C.Oの精力的部門の一つです。多くの生産者・流通とのパイプラインを確保し原材料・製品を仕入れして居り、原材料・製品につきましては、お客様のご期待に沿う品質を確保して居ります。
Automotive(車 二輪・四輪)
This Division is currently in planning stages. Our current plans call for setting up of a distribution network that will handle passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural machines and motorcycles, with a network of service stations and spare parts stores to sell in South Asia.
General Distribution (一般配送)
Diversification is the strength of entrepreneurship. Recognizing this management practice, EFI Co. has recently expanded into general distribution services through the General Distribution division. Established in 2005, it handles the distribution of a variety of products including consumer durables and other goods.
The division will be expanding its infrastructure to incorporate cold storage facilities, a fully equipped transport fleet including vans, trucks and refrigerated vehicles; and effective warehouse management fleet including various types of forklifts, equipment for re-packaging and palletization, and a comprehensive logistics warehouse and distribution management system.
EFI Co's inherent strength in its existing operations and presence in Iraq have attracted investment partners who have identified its potential in South Asia (especially Nepal and India) new open market.
With South Asia, on the threshold of a new era, EFI Co 's intimate knowledge of the market, its financial resources, and the management's astuteness in the business process positions the company to scale greater heights of growth and expansion in the very near future.
Health Care(日常健康管理製品)
Specially the developing of economical society and ecological civilization areas, sanitation is not enough in which suppose to be..
EFI Co. enroll the reality and in near future, start to produce including Tissue Papers, Toilet Papers, items of Soap and Shampoo.
(B) East Asia, Australia, Europe and Americas【東アジア・オーストラリア・ヨーロッパ・アメリカ(日本.本社)】
-Painting Arts (Thankas) 絵画、タンカ
-Statue (像)
-Himalayan Herbal Products (ヒマラヤン.ハーブ)
-Himalayan Pashmina and Silk (ヒマラヤン.パシミナ(カシミヤ)&シルック制作品)
-Himalayan Woolen and Hemp Products (ヒマラヤンウール&HEMP品)
-Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian Carpet (ネパール、チベット、印度 製の じゅうたん(カーペット)
-Garment Products (衣服制作物)
-Indian and Nepalese Food Product (印度、ネパール食料生成品)
-Jewelry (宝石)
-Indian and Nepalese Alcohol (印度酒.ネパール酒)
-Indian Nepalese Tea product (印度茶.ネパール茶)
-Indian Nepalese Dry Food Product (印度ドライフッド.ネパールドライド)