Everest Fuji International
Our Services
• Export, Import and selling of the automobile and parts, Grocery, Electronic goods, Furniture, Painting, Daly Necessaries Goods, Ancient goods,
  Herbals, Marble and construction
• Travel agent
• Tour Management
• Trekking Management
• Consulting of work, Overseas student visa consulting, Visa and so on..
• Yoga School Management
• Hotel and Restaurant Management &Massage Management
• Karaoke Management
• Interpretation and Translation Business
• School Management
• Real Estate Business
• Men power Dispatch Business
• Arranging the Marriage consulting
• Banking
• Film, Movie Production and sell
• Artist, Model dispatch business
• Product and selling of Computer Net-working, Graphic Designing, Web-side, Home-page soft-ware, Hard-ware, Data-base, Programming, Computer
  men-power dispatch Business