Everest Fuji International
Our Trek Organizing (トレッキング.登山)
President (EFI Co. Travel Desk) Mr. SUBEDI grew at the tourism Town Pokhara, trekking route (Sarankot~Kaskikot~Naudanda) and effected from and an EGO was burnt inside sprite on tourism to develop about (start and show )“What is Tourism and how to Manage it”. On thus desiring and own occupational search, Mr. SUBEDI started on jumping in tourism in the age of 15. Educational and practical tourism (trekking) studying became high knowledgeable (specialized about Dhaulagiri and Annapurna trek), trained from HMTC and became licensed guide. Behalf such tourism work field, Mr. SUBEDI was dispatching aboard overseas study about Tourism Business and Management since 1999. On completing of Japanese advanced level March 2003, Tourism Business and Management on March 2005 and persuaded (Tourism Technical Degree) (Capability Business International License) (International Ticket operating License).
It is served by export experienced and licensed staff, EFI Co. Travel Desk organize Tea-House Trek and Tented Trek on Himalayan area in the Region of K2, Ladak , Dolpa, Dhaulagiri, Mustang, Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Everest, Kanchenjunga.
Our Treks
1. K2 Base camp Trek (Pakistan)
2. Ladak Trek 7days from Shri-Nagar (India)
3. Dolpa Trek 21days from Kathmandu (West Nepal)
4. Around Dhaulagiri and Hidden Valley Trek 15days from Pokhara (Nepal)
5. Around Annapurna Trek 12~17 days from Pokhara
6. Annapurna Base Camp(ABC) Trek 10days from Pokhara
7. Ghorepani Trek 5days from pokhara
8. Sikles (Royal) Trek 4days from Pokhara
9. Panchase Trek 4days from Pokhara
10. Mustang~Muktinath Trek 10days from Pokhara
11. Gurkha (Barpak~Larpak) Trek 6days from Gurkha
12. Around Manaslu Trek 17days from Kathmandu
13. Lantang Trek 7days from Kathmandu
14. Ganesh Himal Trek 10days from Kathmandu
15. Everest Base camp Trek 12days from Namchebazar
16. Kanchenjunga Base camp Trek 14days from Biratnagar,
17. Around Kanchenjunga   Trek 21days from Darjeeling