Everest Fuji International
Welcome to Everest Fuji International
It`s amazing, much more fantastic and most absolute factors of introducing a little business company, how it`s found, named and increate as well as the major functions.
The name of the company was decided until the summer of 2005 and registered Oct.19th 2005 from the Japanese Government in Tokyo, on a big Co-operation of Dr. IGAWA Masahiro. And the Logo was decided till the Summer of 2006 on a Co-operation of Mr. Kamal Paudel and Durga Shrestha (Kathmandu) .Then, it`s starting on a strength of own changing speed.
Mr. Chakra Subedi
Hence, the MD of the company Mr. Subedi considered the long-term name for the future while that what MD might have the excess of future on his explore, in that how, Mr. Subedi named as the highest Mountain from the world(Mt. Everest 8848mtrs) & also most moderate world Mountain from Japan (Mt. Fuji 3775.5mtrs).
• Import & Export
• Selling of Goods
• Interpretation & Translation
• Consulting for Student & Work Visa
• Travel Agent
• Tour Management
• Trekking Management
• Hotel and Restaurant Management
• School Management
• Real Estate
• Marriage Consultant
• Manpower Dispatch
• Movie Production & Selling
• Artist & Model Dispatch
• IT Solution & Consultant